The Pleasure Kit

The Pleasure Kit


Loliita + Lolita's Pleasure Kit, what more could any woman want? Pleasure is the name of the game, after all. Organically and holistically handcrafted in the magical land of Tulum by a goddess, for all the goddesses of the world.  

Contents: 1. Damiana Extract 2. Lube 3. Sex Candle (everything is edible)

The Damiana Extract helps a woman get in the mood, in the most natural way. The lube is made with potato, coconut oil, ylang ylang and cinnamon essential oils. And the candle (my favorite) is made with vegan soy wax and raw cacao butter. Light it, let the wax melt and pour it on your lover. It turns into the most sensual, luxurious hot body oil. And ENJOY! 




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