I'm all for a good distraction, but when it comes to distractions that prevent me from going where I want to go in life, that's where I draw the line. I have a very clear idea of the life I want to live, and so many times I find myself (like many of you do) giving my energy to the distractions that aren't even providing me any pleasure. They are distractions that discourage me, that make me feel stuck that suck the life out of me. THOSE are the distractions we all must push to the side. Sometimes it's hard because we are comfortable with them and lets face it, change. is. hard. Uncertainty is scary. What if I say no to the things I don't want? What if I take the risk and it doesn't work out? What if I move on from the relationship that isn't feeding and nurturing my soul? So many what ifs, so many fears... but that's all they are, are FEARS (false evidence appearing real), distractions, energy suckers. So take the risk. Make the move. Change. Leave the unhealthy relationship or friendship. Take the risk and fall in love, be in the relationship. Whatever you do... move towards your vision. Move towards and thing that makes you feel good. Move towards those who love you, uplift you, challenge you to grow, have the same life vision as you. Surround yourself with your tribe. Your friend tribe, work tribe, spiritual tribe. And let go off everything else and everyone else who is holding you back from allowing you to be your greatest self and make the decision to LIVE your fullest life.

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