Natalie Davis

Mystic Moon Worshiper

Natalie Davis

Hi there! My name is Natalie Davis, and I am the voice and muse behind Bohemia. I am 93 percent stardust. A gypsy spirit, a romantic and a bohemian soul. Stormy days are my favorite, and lighting and thunder storms are my ultimate earthly pleasure. I am a moon enchanter and an ocean admirer. l love getting lost and I have a true fascination with traveling the world alone. 

I am a Creative Director, a Photographer and an Artist, and I possess an intimate love for design and decor which is reflected in the work I create. I am a floral designer; the creative visionary behind Bohemia Flowers, where this all began; many years ago. It was in the beauty of the flowers that ever so subtly, contrasted their ethereal poetic fragrance against my heart. Through the natural, authentic beauty of my floral designs, I allowed sensuality, spirituality and raw expression to catch my attention, and drive my spirit into my inherent connectedness with the Universe.

Soon to follow…I birthed The Bohemia Way.

Having to heal myself through nutrition and alternative healing methods, I discovered a pure love for holistic health and alternative healing and how they affect our mental, physical and emotional state and became a certified health coach to help myself and those in need. As a healer, I tend to gravitate towards and explore healing methods off the beaten path and I’m here to share that wisdom with you. 

 I believe it is our desire and our ability to listen to and learn from our body and soul, that leads us to expand our internal universe so that we may radiate our essence out into the world, allowing us to be our own healer through our intuition and greatness. 

As I travel this earth, I am always seeking out inspirational artists, healers, creations, designs, thoughts and expressions and I hope to bring you the finest of those things here at The Bohemia Way. I hope to bring you a sense of pleasure: pleasure for your eyes, for your ears, and for your soul. I hope to inspire you to live your truth. I hope that my stories make you feel less alone in this world. After all, it’s all just a crazy journey, and we always have the choice to decide how it turns out, how to heal, how to grow and how to be happy.

The Bohemia Way is literally a stroll through my soul. So welcome to my world, and welcome to exploring the works of arts and curated expressions that capture a part of who I am; that I find so beautiful that I cannot help but to share with you.

And with that said…

To the bold, to the brave. To the heartbroken, to those in love. To the seekers, to those who are awake. To the artists. To the free spirits, to the free thinkers. To the wanderers, to the men and women whose hearts are yearning for something deeper. To the ones who have triumphed fear, and those paralyzed by it. To those living their dreams, to those searching for meaning. To those who have loved and lost. To those who stay up too late. To those in need of a beautiful, authentic, sensual and raw escape...welcome to, The Bohemia Way.

Live The Bohemia Way

Ignite your sensuality. Awaken your wanderlust. Feed your soul.