DRĖÂM | This is my ultimate Bohemia storefront dream. Someday, in a far away land, where life is simple and love is shared. A place where a wonderland of flowers and aromatic bliss meet tonics that are healing for the mind, body and soul, this magical place will exist. 

I've had this dream for the longest time, and sometimes I get off track, or become discouraged because things aren't going according to how I think they should go. But, it's in the letting go, that we allow our path to truly unfold into our highest good. For often times, what we imagine we want is only a fraction of what our lives can truly create. So sometimes the best course of action is to hold the vision, see it so clearly in your mind that the entire story comes to life, then let it go to the universe and allow your dream to become your reality. 

Image by:  @italian_eye_

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