Moon Whisperer

Moon Whisperer


Her beauty speaks to the moon while she guides the spirits at night to protect you and bring all that you desire into your life. The Moon Whisperer unveils the beauty of darkness and is perfect for any moon child. Wild and free, influencing the waves of the night to bring you  divine guidance, love and bliss. Handmade from the magical land of Tulum. 

DREAMS ☾☆☽ The night air is filled with dreams, both good and bad. Good dreams know how to flow through dream catchers, and bad dreams become trapped in the web until the sun rises and they evaporate like the morning dew.

Dimensions: 23" X 52"

Note: If you would like your dream catcher to hold a certain vibration, such as love, peace, serenity, etc. please email me and I will clear it for you along with any blockages you may have to the vibration. xxoo

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