January 2018 has a nice ring to it. Maybe it's because 8 is one of my favorite numbers, or maybe it's because we are riding the wave of an even year and I'm completely OCD when it comes to numbers...I'm an even number type of person all the way. Odd numbers make me cringe. They just don't vibe right with me. Planning a flight? Book on an even time. Planning an important life event? Schedule on an even day. Kerning type...even numbers only. Age I plan on getting preggo...you guessed it, even only, please! 🙏🏼

With that said...2018, you feel right. You feel like peace to me. You feel like hope. You are predicted to be the year of light, the light that embodies love. 2018 is the year for mass conscious awakening to compassion. It's the perfect time to be mindful of love. To pause in the moments between our breath, to become aware of the moments, in-between - life.

My intuition keeps telling me that the melody of 2018 will play a beautiful symphony throughout the cosmos. What that beauty will look like? I don't know, but I have faith that the dark moments of 2017 have set into motion the expression and expansion of light in 2018 and I’m ready to ride the wild wave, are you?


New Year's Poem by Bobby Klein


As the calendar changes

Great opportunity resides in a brief moment

Of cyclic change

A moment of emptiness


An emptiness that all share

It is the space between breaths, between years

The space between inhale and exhale

The space between birth and death


Our inner knowing tells us we can bring change

That we need no skills to ride this wave of change

Our companion and strength is intention 

Intention for resolution


To resolve what has spoiled

To be made new and fresh

It is in these moments to be mindful of love

To be in the mind of gratitude


Grateful we have love

Grateful we have been loved

Grateful for the hurts that came from risk

In this space between years


All sentient beings are, in this moment, free

The symbolic countdown is of the ancients

Of the ancestors

Of the lovers who have gone before us


We benefit now to embrace roads of peace and suffering

It was of choice to be born into these times

We need not focus only on changing the world

But to choose to be the change


The shift of light and darkness

Holds our dreams and wishes

The benefit now is vision

Not prediction


Take the space between breaths 

To embody the hero 

the goddess of self-creation

To see the face of G-d


And to see in that face 

All earths peoples as one

All sentient beings in health and happiness

And to have vision


Being aware greatness outside ourselves

To trust that we are in the right place

And in the right body

Will benefit all tribes


We are here on our Mother earth 

For the blink of an eye

Playing chicken with the future

And without fear turning our back on the past


As the clock ticks

As the ball falls

We are united as one great whole

Let us all join hands


Standing as one

Around the great fire of change

In our consciousness

In our intent for peace and to be loved


We have waited for a sign

And it is here

And now 

And very real


In the calendric moment between years

Ask and pray

For these dreams and wishes

Will become true


For a little cosmic insight into the realm of 2018, I wanted to share the wise words of healer Bobby Klein of Yaan Wellness in Tulum. Click here to download his I Ching Wisdom. I hope you enjoy. 

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