Cleanse Your Soul 💫 Walk In The ☔️

Cleanse Your Soul 💫 Walk In The ☔️

SØÜŁ CŁEANŠÏNG | And I watched while the clouds turned into wild things, the sea churned and the wind rustled the leaves. Magic happens every once in while, and the sea brings out a certain type. When the sea mixes with the rain and the clouds turn grey, mystical magic and cleansing of the soul occur. And the best way to experience it, is by walking straight into the storm, allowing the rain to wash away all that's ready to leave your mind, body and soul. ☾☆☽

Traveling alone is often a cleansing experience of its own, but when you get the opportunity to mix it with natures blessings, the cleansing experience elevates to another level. Walking in the rain, biking in the rain through the jungle, swimming in the sea while it's raining...these are all simple adventures that will set your soul free. 

Here is a tune 💫 to get you in the mood. And if you're looking for a scent to cleanse your mood, try the Lolita + Lolita's perfect for a rainy day soul cleanse. 

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