Eyes of Love

Eyes of Love

The eyes of love will bring warmth to the ones you love. It's so easy to focus on all the negative aspects of the people around us, but in doing so, we fail to help others grow into their light, and we block our loved ones from shinning while supporting them in their role of playing small. 

When we focus on the beautiful qualities of all those around us as well as ourselves, we allow everyone to feel seen, heard and understood. When we sit in silence and truly listen and honor peoples voice and emotions, we allow them to feel comfortable in our presence and safe (which is so important). Safe, supported, heard, loved, accepted are all feelings that help people grow. If you want to love somebody, don't try to fix them... hold space for them. Offer your presence and allow them to navigate a path to their truth and in doing so, you've blessed them. You've give them the world.


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