Focus on Your Beauty

Focus on Your Beauty

The other day, I received a text from a dear friend; she is doing a study for her business, and she asked me..."What makes you feel sexy?"

So often, we are caught up in focusing on all of our so called "flaws" that we forget to channel our inner feminine goddess and we forget to see how sexy we truly are. 

How easy it is to focus on our soft belly, our dimples, our imperfect skin, our legs that are too thin... whatever it is that you're focusing on that makes you feel less than sexy. WE have to get away from this negative self body talk. We are literally making our bodies sick when we do this. We are changing our cells, and we are training our minds to focus on the negative. 

It's far easier to talk down to ourselves than it is to uplift ourselves. But this needs to stop. Step out of our culture and how we have been programmed to feel like we are not enough, not look beautiful enough and say, "FUCK IT...I'm gonna LOVE my body, and focus on how beautiful she is, how much she serves me. I'm going to start doing things in life that bring me pleasure, that allow me to fall back into the feminine goddess flow and remove the things that bring me down."

So, what makes you feel sexy? I'll share a few things that bring me back to my self love and make me feel SEXY: Sun kissed skin. Walking around in silk slips. Candle lit baths. Leaving the gym after a hard workout. Incense burning and island electronic music playing in the background with dim lights and the scent of rose delicately trailing through the air. Passionate kisses. Ass grabs from my man. Barefoot strolls down the beach while my hair remains tame free and lightning glistens in the background and rain drizzles down my chest and face. Dewy skin. Red lips. Lingerie. Being seduced. White tanks, with rugged holy jeans and barefoot. Laying on black velvet pillows. When I'm seduced by a mans words and his mind. Hard nipples and no bra. Stepping into a store that takes me to another place through sensory overload. When my man loves my curves. 

FUCK the negative self talk. STOP focusing on what you think you need to fix. And START LOVING your body and your mind. Start seducing yourself. Start appreciating your imperfections. You are beautiful. You are a feminine goddess and you radiate beauty. 

Below is a tune to get you in the mood to self love. And here is an affirmation to get you back on the sexy, self love train: My body is beautiful, strong, sexy, and vital. I open myself to give and receive pure pleasure.



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