It’s that time of the month again, ladies! Feel it on the first (I’m a week late, but it’s still the beginning of the month and the perfect time for a self breast check). 

To all those who reached out to me and were there for me over the past 6 months, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so thankful for your prayers, love, concern, ears for listening and arms for comfort. To all those who I haven't spoken with, I wanted to let you all know that my surgery was a success. I'm very happy to share that all the ADH (Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia) was removed from my breast, and no cancer was found. Now, I have to be closely monitored, and have mammos and MRIs every 6months. I'll work with my oncologist, OBGYN, radiologist and surgeon to keep my risk of breast cancer down. Women with ADH are usually prescribed a pill called Tamoxifen. It reduces your risk of breast cancer if you're at high risk and is given to women who have had breast cancer. If you know me, then you know that I prefer to work holistically with my body, so the idea of taking Tamoxifen makes me feel very uncomfortable, especially because I'm not a fan of the side effects. Because I'm still undecided if I will take it or not, I would love to hear from anyone who is taking the holistic route for prevention, and from those who have taken Tamoxifen. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences, if you feel so inclined to share. 

With that said, It’s very important to me to try to encourage all you beautiful women out there, younger and older to pay attention to your breasts. Keep a look out for any changes and become knowledgeable about all the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Listen to your body. Don’t be afraid to bring your concerns to your doctor (I know it's uncomfortable, and scary), but early detection is the best thing you can do for yourself. Reduce your alcohol consumption, know your family history, reduce your sugar in take. Exercise more. Eat crucifers vegetables on a daily basis. Meditate. Check your emotions, try to release your anger and talk to someone if you need to, because repressed emotions and stress will make your body sick.

To keep my stress levels down, I take CBD oil daily, and massage my breasts with CBD lotion to reduce inflammation. CBD oil helps with anxiety, inflammation, pain, its been known to kill cancer cells, and prevent cancer from growing. So for me, CBD oil is HUGE. I try to get adequate sleep. I workout, I go to acupuncture and I'm focused on doing more things that create pleasure in my life. So ladies...please become aware of all the things you can do for yourself; mentally, physically, holistically and emotionally and join the Feel It On The First Movement and take action! Here’s to your beautiful breasts. I love mine, so I’m sure you love yours too! xxoo

P.S. These are a few of my favorite CBD brands right now... Mary's MedicinalsPhyto Plus, Rsho and Stratos. I hope you enjoy! 



  • Squeelm

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  • Meg Hulse

    Everything about this message is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your concerns related to Tamoxafin. I’ve been on birth control for 18 years and my body is screaming for me to stop taking it. I have no reason to do so, other than I don’t want something synthetic in my body. I want to be the most natural version of myself that I can, but I’m so afraid of how my body will react after 18 years of lab produced hormones have been ingested in my body. While I don’t have any suggestions of alternative solutions to Tamoxafin, I sincerely appreciate you openly sharing your concern for wanting to take a natural approach to your health, because it’s something I desire, but am afraid of at the same time. xoxo -Meg

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