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1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in the course of her lifetime, so prevention and early detection are your best friends. If you don’t know how to perform a self breast check, NOW is the time to learn. Ask your doctor to teach you or check out the How To Breast Self Exam, below. Can it be scary to self check? Of course it can. Honestly, I find that I have a lot of anxiety around it now and am actually afraid at times to even feel my breasts because I'm terrified that I will find a lump again and have to go through more biopsies, the emotional stress that goes along with it, another surgery and maybe next time...

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Sound Healing

SOÜND HEÄLING ☾♡☽ Blessed to experience moments with Alessandra (@suhuy_sagrado) and Beto as they share their healing gift through sound. I believe that when sick, sad, or out of vibrational alignment, you can find your connection again with your highest self and the universe through sound baths. The body and mind heal. And you are forever changed.  If you ever find yourself in Tulum, make your way to Nomade, Sanara or Yann Wellness to experience the beauty that Alessandra and Beto share. I can say first hand that they helped me heal and helped uplift me while I was dealing with biopsies, uncertainty, doctors and all the other emotional issues that come along with a health issue/scare.  "If we accept that...

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