When Healing Yourself...Think of Mind, Body and Soul

When Healing Yourself...Think of Mind, Body and Soul

The essence of earth and the tonic of holistic remedies bring wellness to the weary mind and soul in need of nourishment. Our souls yearn for the earthy escape and silence that only nature can bring with echoes of natures poetry waxing in the background. 

When healing yourself, think of mind, body and soul. Think of what concoctions make up your "soul food." Sit patiently and quietly while listening to the wisdom of your inner guide, for the answers on how to help yourself heal are eternally present and ready to speak to you if you're open to listening.

When I need to heal; I travel, I try to remove anything from my life that creates unnecessary stress. I remove myself from people who I feel are toxic (for me). I discover new lands and become in sync with Mother Nature. I make the conscious decision to feed my body raw and whole foods. I work to alkalize my body. And I tend to stick with the basics... fresh green juices, smoothies with superfoods, cruciferous vegetables (eaten daily), bone broth, water, ginger - lemon hot teas and probiotics (a healthy gut is essential). I choose to become still. I tune in. Raise my vibration. Tap into my creativity... if I feel I the need to create. Dive into alternative healings such as Acupuncture. Sound healing. Energy work, and ECR clearings. I choose this route because I've found that holistic and alternative healing methods work best for me. I do my best not to take medications from doctors, and I stay away from antibiotics (unless it's absolutely necessary and I think the last time I had to take them was about 4- 5 years ago.) As someone who was over prescribed antibiotics as a child, I am very aware of the negative effects that antibiotics have on the gut and the body, so I choose to stay away. I pay attention to what makes me feel good and I do more of whatever that is. I take an inventory of my life…and see what's working for me, and what's not working for me. I take a look at what emotions may have contributed to making me fall sick. I try to smile more. I workout. And I get back to nature. I focus on my mind, body and soul. And most of all, I try to have patience with the healing process.

So... what are your favorite holistic and alternative healing go-tos? What feeds your mind, body and soul? What is the secret to your holistic remedy recipe? 

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