Love More, Hate Less

For all of you who aren't sure, it is possible to be gay and Christian/Jewish/Muslim/etc. It's also possible to believe in God and science. It is possible to be pro-choice and anti-abortion. It is equally possible to be a feminist and love and respect men. It's possible to have privilege and be discriminated against, to be poor and have a rich life, to not have a job and still have money. It is possible to believe in sensible gun control legislation and still believe in one's right to defend one's self, family, and property, it's possible to be anti-war and pro-military. It is possible to love thy neighbor and despise his actions. It is possible to advocate Black Lives Matter and...

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Welcome To The Bohemia Way

To the bold, to the brave. To the heartbroken, to those in love. To the seekers, to those who are awake. To the artists. To the free spirits, to the free thinkers. To the wanderers, to the men and women whose hearts are yearning for something deeper. To the ones who have triumphed fear, and those paralyzed by it. To those living their dreams, to those searching for meaning. To those who have lost and loved. To those who stay up too late. To the men who crave something deeper but are too uncomfortable and afraid to admit it. To the women who have given too much. To those who have scars they are trying to heal. To those in...

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Live The Bohemia Way

Ignite your sensuality. Awaken your wanderlust. Feed your soul.