Tuesday Soul Groove

How easy it is to get caught up in the things that don't matter. How much harder it is to see the soulfulness in those passing by. Let's take a moment to reconnect with what's true, to what's real. To our purpose. To our love. To our compassion. Don't wait until life brings you to your knees. Float freely in bliss now. Recognize the beauty in front of you and focus on what's important. Focus on living your soul purpose. Focus on feeding your soul. Focus on feeding your heart and your mind. Focus on changing your frequency and vibrate high. Focus on how blessed you are. Focus on what you want... for what you think, you will attract. You already knew...

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Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, Power of Positive Thinking and Intention are all extremely powerful tools to help you attract and manifest your highest potential. However, they are all secondary to intuition. Unless you are walking on the path that your soul knows it must walk on none of these tools will work properly for you. If you're living a fear based life and believe that your dreams aren't real, then the Law of Attraction will give you unrealized dreams, the Power of Positive thinking and Intention will turn into hopeless wishing because you're taking action based on fear. Once you cross over and say "Yes!" to what your soul knows it should be doing, only then will these tools be...

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Creativity, Tumblr & Bohemia

Creativity. The ever flowing expression of our soul. For me, my creativity starts flowing when I am traveling and outside of my comfort zone. When I'm sitting near the ocean listening to the waves. When I'm gazing up at a mountain top breathing in the fresh air and when I'm in love or going through heartache. So...what drives your creativity? What feeds your soul? What's your outlet? Music? Tea? Wine? Tequila? Dancing? Indulging in holistic tonics or sound baths? Connecting with your feminine energy? For me... I would say yes to all. As a woman who rides the waves of emotions and the ebs and the flows of life, sometimes I have to slow down to tap into my creativity. I...

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Love More, Hate Less

For all of you who aren't sure, it is possible to be gay and Christian/Jewish/Muslim/etc. It's also possible to believe in God and science. It is possible to be pro-choice and anti-abortion. It is equally possible to be a feminist and love and respect men. It's possible to have privilege and be discriminated against, to be poor and have a rich life, to not have a job and still have money. It is possible to believe in sensible gun control legislation and still believe in one's right to defend one's self, family, and property, it's possible to be anti-war and pro-military. It is possible to love thy neighbor and despise his actions. It is possible to advocate Black Lives Matter and...

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Live The Bohemia Way

Ignite your sensuality. Awaken your wanderlust. Feed your soul.