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Obsession With Perfection

“I don’t want to be shiny & flawless. I want to tremble in my rawness, shake in the blooming shoes of my identity. I don’t want to be a perfect woman. Because she does not breathe or laugh or cry or dance or shout or love. Because she does not exist. I do. & I want to be me.” - Sarah Harvey

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Embrace Your Mess

All too often we are consumed with the idea of perfection. The need to feel perfect. Perfectly beautiful, perfectly put together, perfectly successful, perfectly perfect. The chase for perfection is one filled with insanity. When did we become so consumed by it? Consumed by a chase that takes us away from our truth, masks our eternal beauty and ills the mind and body?  As a recovering perfectionist, I relate all too well. Always chasing the perfect body, feeling that if I got to my ideal "weight" or" body image" everything else in life would be okay. I used to have this crazy obsession with trying to be the perfect person in my intimate relationships because I was so scared of showing my truth,...

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